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With a camera in his hands, Amos Chan is a master at finding beauty, drama or nobility in any subject. He gracefully combines the vision and style of an art photographer with the skill and dependability of a commercial photographer.
He was born in mainland China and raised in Hong Kong and Boston, Massachusetts. His first photography job came when he was an undergraduate at Tufts University in Boston. A few years later, Amos earned an M.F.A. from Yale University.
Today Amos’s photographs are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and MoMA. His client list reads like the Fortune 500: United Technologies, AEGIS Insurance Services, Exelon Corporation, etc. Amos brings lucid vision and stunning definition to whatever he shoots, whether it’s as tiny as a microchip, as sensitive as a human face, or as imposing as a piece of industrial equipment. Offering years of remarkable experience and an ability to work in all camera formats, Amos Chan captures the essence of all his subjects.

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